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Certified Public Manager Program

Director of Management & Supervisory Training - Shondra Houseworth - (601) 359-2715

The Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program is a training program built on the philosophy that the study of management can impact certain skills, attitudes, and behaviors which characterize successful management. It supports the new belief that long-term productivity and effectiveness require careful attention to material, financial, and human resources. The CPM Program recognizes the unique quality of public sector management and translates state-of-the-art theory (academic side) into practical training (applied side) for public managers. The designation, "Certified Public Manager," is viewed as a professional rather than an academic credential involving study, practice, application, and testing.

The CPM Program has received favorable attention nationwide as a training system that measures,

as a well as develops, professional competency in the field of public management. By increasing the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of state employees, CPM helps enhance the overall quality and image of state government operations. The Mississippi CPM Program is a member of the National CPM Consortium and is administered under the authority of the MS State Personnel Board.

Candidates for the MCPM Program must be employed by or with a Mississippi governmental organization and should be in supervisory or managerial position. Agency or governmental unit directors, may however, recommend individuals who show potential for advancement in to supervisory positions. All participants must have the support of their supervisors and agency or governmental unit directors.

REQUIREMENTS Agencies or governmental units may set internal application and selection policies.
Practical Application...

The MCPM Program involves intensive study, practical application, and examination. In order for a participant to receive the CPM designation, the following requirements must be met:

  • Completion of six levels of one-week core courses
  • Two outside readings
  • Professional development electives
  • Selected required electives
  • Three job-related projects

  • (See Model Project Profiles)
  • Examinations on core courses
  • Executive Seminar
  • Sequence Chart  

To Register: Complete a Certified Public Manager Program Registration Form. APPLICATIONS AND FORMS may be completed online and printed OR printed and completed offline. Participants can register online through the Mississippi Enterprise Learning Management System (MELMS).

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